Magdalena Gross to speak at Stanford University

Magdalena Gross to speak at Stanford University

Magdalena Gross from Walls That Teach was asked to present with other world class artists on graffiti and education at Stanford University in California.


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May 15, 2013 · 3:42 pm

One Day Magazine

We were recently featured in a Teach For America alumni magazine! Shout out to MMAP for collaborating with us! Click on the link, and be a bit patient, it takes a second to load- but it is totally worth it!

Magda and Gaelen


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Chavez Elementary Mural Completed

Dear All,
It has been a while! But WTT has been working! We recently completed another program at Chavez Elementary with 20 students! They had a blast, and the school looks great. See our pictures below!

We are also preparing our trip to work with IKAMVA YOUTH in South Africa next year! Stay tuned for more details.

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Lincoln Elementary Mural Completed

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Day 4 and Mural Unveiling: Sneak Peeek (shhh)

We started with a sketch built and designed by the youth.

We learned to use spray paint.

We created a mural!

This is only the beginning, stay tuned for professional photos from Lea Bruno this week!!

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DAY 2: Our Stories

Professional photographer, artist and dear friend Lea Bruno helped capture these beautiful moments with Walls That Teach on Thursday.

Every child aced their Pop Quiz, told a personal story, began to plan the wall, and completed a graffiti 101 letter worksheet. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

See the pictures below.

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May 2011 Updates: Lincoln Elementary, Richmond CA program!

We were recently interviewed for an article coming out in Teach For America’s ONE DAY magazine in June. Stay tuned here:

We began our Lincoln Elementary Program! See Below. We also will start a program at Chavez Elementary in June. Please become a follower of our blog for updates and spread the word.

Richmond Day 1:

As we entered the room yesterday around 4 pm, the group of 20 fifth and sixth graders began to whisper and giggle: “the graffiti people!” We motioned that they should remain quiet until 4:30, when Graffiti 101 would begin. As the minute-hand passed the 4 30 mark, the students looked in anticipation. They didn’t know how nervous we were! We began the lesson with a picture of “Profits” on the projector. In their new sketchbooks the students were asked to answer: “What do you like about this? What is graffiti to you?” Gaelen took down answers. “Style writing!” One student blurted out. “Color!” “self expression!” “Sending a message!”

We looked at each other: was this for real?

Did we actually have the best group of students in the Bay?

The class went on without a hitch. Students were excited as we talked about color, graffiti history, and the importance of sending a positive message to your community. Gaelen did a live demonstration- half the students scooted up their chairs to watch: “ohhh wowww,” they exclaimed. By the end of class students had a page full of notes and pages of color and pencil drawings. Stay tuned for more!

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